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Absolutely free and Opensource CMS


All codes are opensources, with MIT License make it more flexible for users to customize without affraid of infringement.

Mobile Friendly

GeniXCMS ready for mobile devices. We are using Twitter Bootstrap for mobile friendly page.

Fast and Light

GeniXCMS was built for Speed and Stability. Developed only for necessary needs.

GeniXCMS was built for simplicity and easy to manage, for both end user and developers. Our main purpose was to give flexibility to customize and create great applications with GeniXCMS. With MIT License, GeniXCMS gave users to fully flexibility to customize, modify for both commercial or non-commercials applications, modules or themes. 


GeniXCMS in the development was helped by many contributors.

Puguh Wijayanto

Founder / Lead Developer

Vakho Danelia


Alexander Liebrecht

Beta Tester

Henri Salo

Security Tester

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